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Rev. Dr. Dyva Katakshi

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Talluri Prasanna Kumar
Founder and President



Established as a voluntary organisation in the name and style as Hallelujah Worship Team in  April 2012, with gods vision we are doing any social and service orientated programs with a prayerful thought of in the city. The “love of Jesus” in the youth, and to lead the believers into the divine truth. This ministry started with two people and the lord god is helping us to do miraculous works.

Our Motto:-

our motto is to do the service of the god, and primary motto is to service the needy the existing members are presently highly educated, but poor youngsters. lot of work and thoughts are there but economical conditions are not favorable  we need some more interested persons to support this gods ministry.

If any organisation is ready to serve the people in India, we are also ready to join with u to fulfill the work of God and to more hand in Hand.